Our Product

Medi Doc Cloud

Our Software is quick, lean, and market-focused.

Welcome to the future with eWebtech. Our brain child is live with its immense capabilities to help you manage your storage facilities in the best way.

Medi Doc Cloud is a new venture of Ewebtech that introduces an intelligent, scalable, flexible and yet simplistic solution for data management and data security. The MRD (Medical Record Department) has been designed to assist with daily storage needs for hospitals. With faster workloads and low investment in storage, this software aims to provide a secure option to store medical records for a minimum period of 10 years.

Our advanced data services are designed to assist you 24*7 and reduce the workload to ensure less investment in data storage for all medical concerns.

Empower your medical facilities with this smart-storage system and eliminate the hardware mindset that is well-founded in the industry. Our product will significantly increase productivity and output from data as and when needed. Let’s be a part of the evolution of data management that the century is witnessing right now and build a better future together.