Trends of UI/UX Design and Development That Will Decide the Future

Tons of web pages are visited by users every day and companies need to be particularly creative to get their attention. The company focuses on the visual attractiveness and usability of its web solutions for users. Also, the latest UI trends to stay in the game are kept in mind.

Explore in detail the major trends of UI/UX development in Kolkata in 2021 and see how popular brands utilize them successfully.

Minimalistic Approach

Minimalism is proudly one of the most recent UI trends and will not lose ground. Web designers are continuously looking for new methods to simplify graphics. The colors are limited, different quantities and combinations are tested.
Today, elements play a major part in their functionality. It is essential that the highest quality of a product is correctly emphasized and that its use gives customers the right emotions. Components used by the designers of UI/UX development in Kolkata only become irrelevant for ornamental purposes.


In the past, the trend with many forms of gradients was popular and continues to be an important UI trend now.

The gradients are lighter now, yet look much more intricate at the same time. Earlier, with linear gradients, designers of UI/UX development in Kolkata employed some 2-3 colors. Now it is possible to extend the number of colors to 10. An overlay may also be employed.

Voice-user Interface

As a result of its widely used adoption of UX/UI design, interaction with voice user interfaces has become one of the UX trends once again. The design has been obvious for a long time not to be visual in order to work well.

The interface of the voice is an inner interface. The context and data synthesis are more concerned than the actual design. Designers of UI/UX development in Kolkata, however, aim to keep pace with the latest trends and offer a voice interface to consumers more and more frequently.

Mobile Approach

Today, about half of search inquiries originate on mobile devices. They seek a café with their cellphones to purchase supper or movie tickets, explore the travel markets to book holidays, etc.

The website design today should not just appear excellent on your website or the app’s desktop version. For this reason, the first mobile approach has become a major UX trend. It’s a terrific approach for web designers to boost customer connections.

In 2021, the trends in UI/UX development in Kolkata combine minimalism streamlined UX, pastel colors, and complicated typography. Try to select and combine a number of trends to create a distinctive and interesting user interface.

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